Made to measure

As we think, the imagination and creation have not limit as long as giving yourself the measures to realize your desires.


That’s why you can appeal for help from professionals like us; we realize your projects starting with your own ideas, notes, drawings or sketches. In addition, we will make you the proposals while taking into account your requirements and wishes, in order that your desires can take form.

Our achievements are unique and customized for you. 

Here are some examples of our custom achievements for some clients:

“Simorgh” (a Persian legend to inscribe in the railings of a spiral staircase with mezzanine for a length of 30 meters, without graphic repetition.)

_61 IMG_6654

For a customers who is the video game, “Starcraft” a gate with a double pillars.

lop5 PROTOS15

Inspired by Protoss, with a reminder of the race logo.

For a architect salon in Qatar, an aluminum gate “Swan CAPRI”.

a110 DSCF9943

A sculpture in homage “Al Shaqab” for decorating  the beach of a swimming pool, etc.

20130924_182741 P1080706


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