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Amber Metal Storm

  Creation and custom manufacture of metal objects for individuals and businesses / Custom metallurgical performance


According to your needs, we are ready at any time for realizing your specific hopes with the help of a CNC plasma cutting machine. The projects that we will accomplish in metal are solid, durable,  explicit and we give them an unprecedented aesthetic look.
Thus we are able to realize these unique and original projects through your wishes and ideas rang from a balcony with floral patterns, a gate with familial coat of arms, a barrier of various motives to the coffee tables of diverse shape, the folding screens, the mural decorations, the shop signs, and the balustrades…
We believe that the imagination and creation have no limit as long as you give us your demands, and we are always on the way to realize your desires.


Laurent Dufournet,  IMG_0134
Professional in creation of personalized objects and metallurgical custom.


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